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Policy and Reproduction Information Regarding Photos on This Site

The East Mountain Historical Society makes viewing of these photographs possible only when permissible and with respect for conditions imposed by those who have donated the photographs.

To ensure photo quality and compliance with donation restrictions, EMHS will provide photographs to those submitting a request, where permissible, using a professional photo contractor.

If you would like to request copies of EMHS photos:

  • Select the photo(s) desired on this web site.
  • Submit a written request for the photo(s) by photo number. Download the Order Form
  • Include your mailing address and $10 for each photo, plus postage and handling. Postage and handling is a flat $6.99, whether the order is for one photograph or several.
  • EMHS will mail an 8 x 10 print of the photo(s) to the address provided.
  • Special arrangements may be made to enlarge photos to sizes greater than 8 x 10, although in some cases, there could be a loss in quality. Please inquire as the suitability of a desired photograph for such enlargement, for which there is an additional charge.
  • When using EMHS archival photos in publishing, posting or reprinting, each photograph should be accompanied by a credit line including the phrase: East Mountain Historical Society Collection. Submit "Conditions for Publication/Reproduction" Form.
    Download Conditions Form
  • If you decide to reproduce an EMHS photo in a book, film or video production, or other form of exhibition, also submit a "Permission to Publish Form."
    Download the Permission Form
EMHS cannot loan out original photographs or negatives.

Mail forms and orders to:
East Mountain Historical Society, P.O. Box 106, Tijeras, NM 87059